Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Knees Up(give away) Update!

Update: Ms. Amy You are the WINNER!!!!!!!

This is Day 13 in 31 Days of Serving Others

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wanked (tired)
chin wag(chat)
diddle(rip off)
dodgy(no to be trusted)
fancy(you desire it)
full of beans(load of energy)
give us a bell(call)
knees up(party)
on about(what are you talking about?)
pip pip(good bye)

what in the world do all these crazy words have to do with today's post?

Well, read on.....Oh it is a fun one and TRUST ME you will want to read on!!!!

I mentioned in my post Ink & Pages I started a book club. Getting the books was an interesting event. First, I ordered from a sub company from Amazon called Book Depository. I had no idea that the company's warehouse was/is in the U.K. The website was not very clear and shipping time frame was supposed to be free 2 day shipping. After purchase then I received an email saying it would take up to 2 weeks to ship the books out! What??? I was NOT a happy camper. My book club was starting and I needed books FAST! Amazon had them on back order and that is why they sent me to Book Depository. So much for the book deposit! Last Tuesday I called all the Family Christian Book stores to ask them to hold so many copies back for me. I had 25% coupons so the books ended up being about the same price wise. I did only have to go to 2 stores to get them and they were not far apart so fuel wise that helped.

Now what do I do with those extra books??? I contacted the shipping department at Book Depsoitory to get a refund or to obtain a proper return label so I could be refunded. Insert British accent, "We have nowt in our store so we can't ship your books! I'm sorry we haven't recieved your quid yet so a refund is impossible! Plus, we don't offer them." huh????, what did she just say??? Insert thick Texan accent "thank you and never mind m'am!" Insert British accent...what a diddle(rip off) and very naff!(uncool)!!

Needless to say I now have the books BUT they are extra! SOOOOO I am giving one away!!!! Yippie! Sometimes it is better to just give it away than try to fight for my right to get my refund. I wouldn't win! They made that very clear so service can happen when you choose to utilize it for something other than what you had intended it for! Think outside the box or maybe book in this case. I'm so funny. Okay not really....I need sleep!!!!

Knees Up or in this case a Book Party!!!! wooohooo!!!!!

I am giving away Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman.

Leave a comment below and you are entered for the drawing.

*contest closes midnight Monday Oct 17, 2011*

well I am wanked(tired) so pip pip(bye).......and good luck contestants!


  1. Oh yay! I would love to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I'd love to read this book too! And, I was reminded of you today as as I was at the Doctor's office when a new Mom was checking in and was told that she had a balance on her account from a previous visit. She explained that they'd been having some insurance issues, but it might have just been her co-pay that she didn't pay. I felt prompted to pay it for her. So, I did. She was shocked and grateful. If you hadn't posted about paying for the girls coffee and for the baseball fees, I probably wouldn't have gone through with paying the bill. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I am so glad that you were inspired to act! More grateful that God used you through the situation! What a blessing!

  4. So excited! I want to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Knees Up - I wan to party and I want a book! Awesome.

  6. Amy you won!!!! I will be contacting you!!!!!!!!