Friday, October 14, 2011

A Bundle


This is Day 14 of 31 Days of Serving Others (just click to catch up)

I wish my photo would down load but I am having issues. Maybe I can update later. Anyway, this service is so right up my alley! My son's Sunday school teacher called me for some help. Her son had been admitted into the E.R. for high fever and low white blood count. They have a precious 1 year old daughter. The husband is a cop and works the night shift. He has been up for 36 hours. No family close by and the one person they have called on before fell. She can't help them. What to you do? Call me!!!! I love babies!!! I loaded my car, drove to get sweet baby girl and took the dad down town to the Hospital. They have only one car so he needed a ride. I was so happy they called me. I told them not to worry and to let their precious baby stay the night. This way they can do what they need to without worrying about little bit! She may even stay the night tonight sooooooooo I have been in baby heaven land!

It is funny what seems so simple to us is a big deal to another. I can honestly say God gifted me in the area of loving other people's children. I love them all. No matter what age!

Today think about the service that comes easy to you and is simple. Do you need to reach out to someone in that area?

Matthew 19:24 Jesus said, "Don't stop the little children coming to be for they are part of the Kingdom of Heaven."

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