Monday, October 10, 2011

Scissors to Scissors

This is Day 11 in 31 Days of Serving Others

Matthew 10:30 Indeed even the hairs on your head have all been counted!

I have been needing a haircut for some time now. Time hasn't been on my side or finding the right hair dresser. Plus, I am having a hard time swallowing the fact that a basic hair cut here cost anywhere between 50 to 80 dollars! EEKKK!!! Wouldn't it be nice when you moved to a new place someone gave you the book of KNOW? The book would tell you everything from which doctors to choose from to dentist to yes even hairdressers! Anyway, I made an appointment at one of the beauty schools here in Austin. One advantage I have over other people is I am a licensed Cosmetologist. Yes, it is true! I do not practice but long time ago I did. Practicing paid my way through college! Another advantage being in Austin is, it is the city where everyone comes to take the state boards. Therefore beauty schools here are at a much higher standard. The fact that it cost way under 25 for shampoo, conditioned, haircut, blow dry and style is so worth it! The instructor checks over everything that the students do so in a way sometimes better than a salon. I have found most licensed Cosmetologist can get lazy and well it seems you have to wait for a very long time to get your hair cut. Okay, enough rambling!

Her name Misty. She was so nervous. From observing her I would guess she was in week 4 of hair rotation. The students are typically in rotations. Color, cut, nail and style. I am sure there are more than that but you get the idea. Misty was very insecure and overly cautious. I totally understand. The head instructor comes over to walk her through the hair cut. This is to insure everyone is on the same page. It also gives the instructor opportunity to help without making the client feel as if she made a mistake choosing to come to a beauty school for service or another way to keep an eye on the student without making them feel more insecure than they already do! Ha! I never once told them I was licensed. I certainly did not want to make her feel worst or have her doubt her abilities. The head instructor was impressed that I knew my hair so well when she began to ask me certain questions(insert big grin). She left. Misty was still super nervous and then began to doubt her next steps. I looked up at her, "It's just hair. You honestly can't mess it up. Take a deep breathe and it will come to you." She smiled a big smile and I saw her face gain the confidence she needed to finish what she started. Plus, it is hard to do a 180 cut then a 90 cut on top and then combined them in the meet. All along using razor cutting to shape around the face. Did that sound foreign to you? Ha! Once I basically gave her permission to make a mistake she felt very comfortable. My particular haircut was the first time for her to implement. She did a great job! Not too much off! Actually, she could take more off next time. Yes, I will let her do it again! Words of encouragement could be the service here but letting a student use scissors on my head that was the real service.

The instructor thanked me for giving Misty a little breathing room and Misty asked me to come back so she could continue to practice.

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