Monday, October 3, 2011

Little League or better known as Baseball

The other morning the Lord woke me up before 6 and was directing me to facebook. Huh? Facebook? First, I have backed off of FB and only get on a few times or from my phone. It is not part of my daily routine so being guided to get on FB and before 6 am was all LORD! Ha! While I was catching up with FB one of my friend's status popped up. This was his status "won't be able to afford little league for much longer if thieves keep targeting our car!"

My heart just sank because I knew he really meant it. Now, let me put this in perspective for you. He is a missionary in a foreign country. So all of his funds for his family to live off of are given by others. I am sure "extra"is not in their personal finances. He is not one to beg or ask or even hint at needing things for his family. So I knew this going into my email message to him. This was not a joke and to live under such circumstances is beyond me. Here in America we are VERY FORTUNATE. Everything is within our reach and for the most part we don't have to worry about trading in our kids fun for tires. Which is a need! You have to have tires on you car to go anywhere. So I sent him a message through FB asking how much little league is costing their family and if they were still serving as missionaries. I already knew that answer. I just needed something other than "dude, how much should I send you?" He did reply with what it was costing them so now all I needed to know was where to send the check. The Holy Spirit guided me to play the trump card. Yep, I sent back a message "please tell me where to send the check. Don't argue with me on this. You let the Holy Spirit work!" It probably sounds harsh but if I didn't insist he would've somehow got out of telling me. Here is his reply back "you're to sweet Shellie. I was set to argue, but you kind of played the trump card (Holy Spirit). Ha."

I had a number and an address! I pray that he won't have to deal with the headache anymore of tires or anything else being stolen. Considering where he is a missionary. I doubt it. He is in a very very poor area. Maybe just maybe this month or the next he won't have to worry about the funds

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you. Deuteronomy 16: 17

Here is the funny part him letting the Holy Spirit work has really helped me. This mission that the Lord has me on Serving Others for 31 Days has really put me in a place of vulnerability. It may seem easy to you to from where you are sitting but trust me it is not. The only way I was truly able to give is the Lord open the door for my hubby to work over time and so there has been sacrifice on both our parts. I am very proud of my hubby! Here is the kicker to all of this the "extra" added up to what I needed to send to my friend. Coincidence! No way! ALL LORD!

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