Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is Day 26 in 31 Days of Serving Others Series

You just have to admit when you fail and so I did. I volunteered to send out prayer requests for our bible study group and I didn't. I finally did! However, very late!

So what do you do when the service you signed up for goes to the way side or fails? I know some of you are thinking this isn't a failure. Maybe not, maybe so. Some people really count on those prayer requests to be sent out and prayers to be lifted up on their behalf. I do take this seriously!

I think the first thing is to apologize or admit it.
Then forgive yourself.

I say evaluate because some services are more time consuming and require way more involvment. You have to consider maybe this is not the time for me or things have changed in my life so much that I need to pass the torch. I think sometimes we feel that since we signed up for the service we are forever tied to it. Not true. I would like to say that I am in no way or shape encouraging someone to back out at the last minute on something that they have committed to. That is not okay. Though I have seen situations where a loved one died and someone had to step up. That is a unique case. I am mentioning the situation where someone has volunteered to decorate an event or plan one and decides 2 weeks before the event to back out "just because." We have to always consider the other people involved in the service. Everyone has given up their time and made efforts to see something through so should you. Was I just a little tough in saying that? Ouch! Let truth ring! ha!


  1. This one hit me straight on. There was a time when a friend in Houston had a baby and I volunteered to provide a meal. I still shutter and feel guilty about backing out at the last minute. It isn't as if they didn't eat that day, but that they were counting on me. I knew when I signed up that it was going to be very difficult to follow through. It would have been a greater service to this couple if I had said "no" when first asked. They forgave me, but it is one of those things that still bugs me. It does help me to evaluate situations a little more to make sure when I say "yes" that I'm able to follow through. I've enjoyed this series and it has helped open my eyes to opportunities around me.

  2. I totally understand! Please forgive yourself since HE has! I know it is hard to let go of past mistakes. I am grateful that you are benefiting from this. Trust me this is not something I would've have taken on. Only the Lord would spur this on in my LIFE! It feels so weird in a way to blog about it because I feel that everybody does service every day but again it is what the Lord put on my heart and it is not about the audience but my journey with HIM! Does that make sense? I have seen and learned a lot this past month!

  3. Years ago someone mentioned how God is not confined by time. So, even if an event has already taken place, it doesn't mean you can't still pray about it. For example, let's say I meet someone who had a terrible labor/delivery and their child was born with some complications. Even though I didn't know about any of this until after the fact, I can still pray that God was with them during that time. Does that make sense? I've never heard this idea again, but I love it.