Sunday, October 23, 2011


Proverbs 22:9 "Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor."

This is Day 23 in 31 Days of Serving Others Series

I was at the store doing my usual shopping for the week. For some reason there were maybe 4 lanes open on a very busy night. I had maybe 25 items. Too many for self checkout and for express! I pulled my cart up to what seem to be a line of people with about the same amount of items. I thought this will surely go fast. In front of me was a family of 5. A mom, a teenager, two small babies(8 months) and an 8 year old precious little girl. The mom asked the teenager to take the babies to the car while she finished up. The mom had cheese, meat, veggies, fruit and milk in her cart. Nothing extragvant. Just basic simple food to feed a family. The checker begins the process of scanning the items. The amount added u pretty quick. These days that's not to hard to do. It is a shame that healthy food can be so expensive. Of course me being behind them I can all what is unfolding before me. The mom pulls out her food stamp card or Lone Star card. I know this because when hubby was without a job we had assistants for about a month. We did not "qualify" due to having a home, car and retirement. Once we spent the retirement then we "qualified" for a short period. Anyway, I know first hand what it is like to stand there praying you have enough or that you added everything up properly. So, appartenly the checker notes that she does not have enough to get the milk. The 8 year old starts to cry because she is really wanting some milk. She pleaded that they needed for their cereal. All that is going through my head is school is tomorrow and does this child have all that she needs for the day? Heart-breaking! If you had been there and seen the tears in the eyes of this girls face, you would've wanted to help. It was happening so fast before I could get a word out that I would pay for 2 gallons of milk they were gone. I grabbed the sacker "go get the girl!" I am sure they thought I had lost my mind. I didn't care! " I will pay for the milk. Put it on my bill!" The sacker runs, grabs the girl, she turns back to walk with the sacker and a look of puzzlement was on her face. The checker explained what I had done for them and that she could take the milk. Her big brown eyes looked up at me filled with tears "ma'am thank you! thank you!" That is all she could get out before she began to cry some more and then an elated spirit came over her. She and the sacker walked out to her mom's car with the milk in their hands. It is like what I mentioned before in another post(here)how it is not our place to decide who and who does not receive help. We need to let the Holy Spirit do his work through us without our eyes being tinted by prejudgement ideas. Like my friend Erin over at Who's at the Helm stated "if someone projects a need I want to do everything to meet it in Jesus' name. Will that ever be a wrong decision?" She is so wise!

I will leave you with just that thought....doing everything in Jesus name will never be wrong!

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