Friday, October 7, 2011


This is Day 7 of a series Serving Others 31 Days.....

Stranded. Hopeless. Frustrated. Broken Down. Alone.

These are typically the emotions you feel when your car us in repair land or broken down. What do you do when you are passing through a city alone? Whom do you call? You are not married. You are a career woman whom is independent. Luckily I know her and she is my friend. Of course I helped her. She actually called to meet up for lunch but in the end needed so much more than just a ride. She needed a friend to comfort her and support her. So I did! God really worked out the details. My mom was watching my son so I could be free to be with my friend and even help her. After a wonderful lunch of catching up we decided to do a little window shopping to pass the time while her car was being worked on. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, the car shop called to let her know they would not be done till the next day. She needed a rental so I took her to get one. By the time we waited for the phone call from the car shop and getting a rental it was dinner time. We really only wanted a snack and a drink just to finish off the night. We drove everywhere all over town but it was so rewarding on so many different levels. Our souls as friends was restored along with a need that was met. No matter how many miles I drove that day or even how many miles are between our cities, our hearts will always be bonded.

Romans 12:10 "be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor."

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